The entrepreneurial life is tough. You wear many hats and one of those hats is branding and marketing. Branding is not something Four Ways Design Impacts Your Brand | Design is what that stops once you have a name, logo, tagline and business cards. In fact, your brand only grows as your business grows. One of the most important parts of your brand is what it looks like. This isn’t just your logo, this is everything that touches your customers and potential customers from an email to a fancy brochure and even your social media posts. This blog will outline four ways design impacts your brand and what you can do right now.

Four Ways Design Impacts Your Brand

  1. Design provides a visual identifier for your brand. Your logo is a very important piece of building your visual brand. Once that is established you need to develop a design brand strategy that identifies colors, fonts and style to create consistency for your brand. Feeling overwhelmed? Check this out… .This blog, “Graphic Design Tips & Tools for Non-Designers,” will walk you step-by-step through this process. Even better, here is a Brand Design Style Sheet to help you keep all the information you need to know about your visual brand in one place.
  2. Design ties your brand together. Consistency is key. Everything you do for your brand should look like it belongs together. It might feel boring, but the tighter your brand is the more effective it will be about communicating what you are all about. Not sure if your brand is tight? It’s time for a brand audit: grab all of the materials you have created and lay them out physically or digitally in front of you. Do they look like they belong in the same family? If they don’t, go back to the first point and establish what your brand should look like moving forward.
  3. Design identifies your tribe. Your customers choose brands that feel comfortable. What you say about your brand is vital, but the design its self is just as important. Not sure if you are making your mark on your target audience? Using the Branding Basic Worksheet, establish who your tribe is. Once you know, look at other brands that are successfully reaching your tribe. Identify what design trends seem to be working and find ways to incorporate them into your brand.
  4. Design helps your brand grow. Not only does design help your potential customers identify you, it allows you to make a bigger impact. This could mean adding products or services to your current offerings or simply broadening the net in which you are reaching your audience. Review your current marketing strategy and identify any holes that can be filled. Establish your next goal for your brand along with a realistic timeline.

Branding can feel complicated, especially areas that are outside of your talent and comfort zone. If you are in a place where you must take on big tasks to get your brand off the ground, keep it simple. Have questions or thoughts? I would love to chat! Send me an email or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Four Ways Design Impacts Your Brand
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2 thoughts on “Four Ways Design Impacts Your Brand

  • September 2, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Very timely for me as I am just starting my business! It is so hard but I see it can be done! It’ll just take time and consistency.

  • September 2, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Great tips ! I’m always looking for ways to improve my design on my blog .


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