How to Embrace the Branding Process

How to Embrace the Branding Process | Your brand is an ever growing changing thing. It should not be static. Here is how to embrace the process and make your brand work hard for you.Branding is an endless process. It doesn’t stop after you create a logo or add a tagline. In fact, with every move you make to promote your brand – whether it be you or your company – you have an opportunity to add clarity or confusion for your potential customers, employees and strategic partners.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to help a client work through a rebrand of her company. Her company had grown from a one woman start-up to an organization with the potential for several locations. We helped her simplify her logo, choose a color palette and font family as well as develop an elevator speech for her team to ensure they were all saying the same thing about their company. (All of these things are branding activities, by the way.) We had completed a few collateral pieces and were preparing to launch a digital ad campaign.

When I wrote the copy for the campaign and sent it to her for approval she responded to my email to tell me that what I wrote was misleading and not an accurate depiction of her services. I have been doing this long enough  that I can get over being wrong pretty quickly, but I couldn’t understand how I didn’t get it right when some of the content written for the ads was taken directly from a postcard that had been approved by her and used by her team a month or so prior. Luckily, my client used this misunderstanding to make her brand stronger. She listened to me and helped me understand what was missing. She embraced the process instead of looking at it as a one-time activity. Because she was willing to stop for a moment and listen, we had an opportunity to fix the messaging on the postcard, help her team understand the message even better and chances are the digital ad campaign will be much better than the previous samples I had sent over for approval.

So, as always, I want to offer some quick takeaways from this experience that will ensure your brand is always growing and getting better.

Four Ways to Embrace the Branding Process

  1. Listen to your strategic partners. If there is something about your service, brand or organization that they just don’t seem to understand, chances are your customers and even your employees share the same confusion.
  2. Practice patience and never give up. There is one thing to be said for this particular client. She is invested and all-in to ensure the success of her company. She is always moving forward and willing to try new things when other strategies don’t work out.
  3. Branding is more like the ocean than a lake. Movement keeps it fresh and exciting for both you the business owner and your customers. Growth comes from trying new things.
  4. Recognize you can’t do everything. Bring in experts in marketing – even if it’s one specific area or task. Your brand will improve and so will you.

I hope this is helpful and encouraging to you. Running a business or even managing your own brand can feel hard and lonely. Being in a constant flow of change can be discouraging. Insecurity can set in easily, but remind yourself that if your brand is not growing and changing with the industry, market and your customers, at some point it will lose its relevancy.

Have questions? Let’s chat. Have you downloaded the Branding Basics worksheet yet? This process will help you feel more confident in your brand and make it easier to know when you need to change or simply be still.

Four Ways to Embrace the Branding Process
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